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The Kingfisher School British Bake-off

On Wednesday, 27 year 5/6 children were invited to the Crumble Rumble at Ashton Court Mansion.  They collected apples before heading for the kitchen to cook a winning apple crumble, where they had the choice of various ingredients, such as cinnamon, ginger, oats and dates. Great team-working skills were used, as were recording skills to make sure they didn’t forget their delicious recipes!

While the crumbles were cooking, John (the tree man) talked to the children about native trees and the children impressed him with their knowledge from last year’s assembly.

After a well-deserved lunch,  the children tasted their own crumble with ice-cream.   A perfect dessert to pack lunches!

In British Bake-off style, the judges declared the winning crumble…. The award went to: Bartek, Caitlin, Archie, Neil, Leon and Joey. Closely followed in second place by Kelly, Daniel, Charlea, Shanelle, Kyle and Cole.

All of the children were a credit to Kingfisher School.   The winning team has been invited back on the 30th of November for the final!img_0010 img_0011 img_0014 img_0025 img_0032 img_0043 img_0056-1 img_0062-1 img_0073 img_0087-1 img_0088 img_0089 img_0093 img_0097img_0109