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Sport Relief 2014

As part of Sport Relief 2014, children from our school took part in completing a mile around the school for charity by making a silver donation.  Children could walk, run, skip, sing or complete the mile however they chose.  Nursery were joined by some of their parents and were able to complete 4 laps of the school! 

Reception and Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 completed their miles on Friday 21st March and many ran more than the required mile – they were having so much fun, they wanted to do more!  Years 5 & 6 were on a trip on 21st March but they did not want to be left out of the event, so they completed their miles on Tuesday 25th March. 

Many children that took part commented that they would like more opportunities to participate in events like this one.  The school have also been selling wristbands to raise money for Sport Relief.  We still have a few available if you would like to buy one.