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Nicholas McCarty visits CGS

Nicholas McCarty came into our school to tell us about his career path to become a concert pianist.

Mr McCarthy began by playing Rachmaninov, one of his favorite pieces.  The moment he started playing the room fell silent and smiles began to form on the faces of the audience.  The music was beautiful and emotional, even more incredible seeing that it was played with only one hand.

He then explained that as a result of being born without a right are, he is only able to play left-hand-alone repertoire.

Mr McCarthy told us about the troubles he had, and the doubt that the people around him had about his abilities. He also informed us of his constant curiosity and determination, of how all the criticism that was thrown at him only made him more resilient to achieve his goals.  Consequently, he gained a lot of respect from critics.

When Mr McCarthy played the piano, he showed us that even if you have a disability, you can shoe that you’re capable of being the person you strive to be and can accomplish the objective that you aspire to.

Jemma Kemp-Collins, Year 11