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Merchants Triangular Tournament

On Wednesday 27 April a combination of Year 9 and Year 10 CGS competed in the Merchants Triangular Tournament. This is an annual event between Colston’s School, Merchants Academy and Colston’s Girls’ School. All three schools are linked to the Merchant Ventures and this annual sporting event consisted of competing in netball, rounders, rugby and football.
CGS Triangle1

CGS Triangle 2

Colston’s Girls’ compete in the netball and rounders tournament and performed exceptionally in both competitions. The Year 9 and 10  rounders team came second in their competition; claiming a clear victory over Merchants Academy. The Year 10 netball team produced some outstanding performances and managed to beat Merchants Academy and Colton’s School; allowing them to finish top of their table.

All pupils attended a formal dinner at Merchants Hall with the other two Schools and their teachers. It was during the evening ceremony that Molly Dymmock-Morgan had the opportunity to go up and receive the winner’s trophy for the girls’ netball tournament. All pupils should be very proud of their behaviour, attitude and performance throughout the whole event. They were all a credit to Colston’s Girls’  School.