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Looking into the world of Computing Science

Mr Young took a group of Year 9 students to enjoy a day of electronics and coding at Digimakers, hosted by @ Bristol Science Centre. The day began with a textiles project using conductive thread and LEDs. Wearing their illuminated caps made it easier to track the girls’ whereabouts during the day! Later, girls had the opportunity to wear prototype devices from joint University research in soft robotics. They saw how a number of devices can promote girls-workingwellbeing in the home, especially for elderly people with soft robotics potentially replacing stair lifts and other mobility aids. Another highlight for some of the girls was getting robots to explore their environment without bumping into obstacles. We hope to visit the smart house used to prototype new technologies next year.

To read more about the different activities the girls experienced, please go to the link below to read the article Mr Young wrote for the publication.

CAS Newsletter Summer 2016