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Kingfisher School School praised for its ‘high consistent expectations’ in latest Ofsted report

The Kingfisher Ofsted March 2015

‘Pupils’ showing ‘positive attitudes to learning’

2015-02-10BEKingfisher-10“The Board of Trustees and Governors of The Kingfisher School are delighted to report that the hard work and changes brought about at the Kingfisher School since joining the CGS Trust family of school is paying dividends”  – Trevor Smallwood, Chair of CGS Trust

The Lead Inspector remarked that the staff and leaders, including governors, had put the school on the road to improvement – combating years of under-achievement.

“We were very encouraged by the verbal feedback that Carol Warrant, the Lead Inspector, gave to governors.  She shared with us the good news that there is a clear trajectory of rapid improvement noted in all aspects of the school including the quality of teaching, behaviour, safety and leadership,” said Andrew Yates, Chair of Governors.

“Leadership was highlighted as a real positive – from senior staff, pupils, governors and Trust teachers and leaders.  The word that permeates the report is ‘improvement’, which is terrific and confirms that our confidence in the staff, most notably the new Head of School, Justin Vafadari, has been justified.

“The report sends a clear message to the local St Anne’s community that we are on the right track and we can be confident that the school, which is part of the Society of Merchant Venturers CGS Trust family, will go from strength to strength.”

The Lead Inspector spoke highly of the school’s Early Years provision and the ‘radical improvements’ that have already been made.  In making itclear to governors that there is every indication this will very soon be an excellent provision, this also served to highlight the foundations in learning that have been established to sustain the long-term success of the school and its students.

The Lead Inspector is confident that the school has the capacity to continue to make the rapid improvements required to ensure that all children achieve and exceed expectations.

The report highlighted there was so much to be proud of and commented that the school leaders and governors know the school’s strengths and weaknesses well: that they evaluate the work of the school accurately and rigorously, and set appropriate priorities and that, as a result, the school is improving.

The standard of teaching and attainment has improved and leaders in the core subjects of English and maths have made significant improvements to the curriculum and quality of teaching in their subjects. The new curriculum with its focus on core values  and breadth of subjects including science, history, geography, music, Spanish and PE is good, Ofsted said.

The school is pleased to note that the report recognised that pupils with additional needs now make good progress and that pupils have positive attitudes to their learning, listen carefully and are keen to learn.  The pupils are polite and friendly.  Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted effectively, with the pupils being tolerant and respectful. Overall, pupils’ behaviour has improved,  pupils are kept safe and  enjoy taking responsibility to benefit the community.

Our teachers are conscientious, have high expectations and are ambitious for the children in their care. The teaching is improving consistently, with pupils who underachieved in the past  now making much faster progress.

J VafadariJustin Vafadari, Head of The Kingfisher School, said: “We are so proud of our children; they are great ambassadors for the school and impressed the Inspectors with their good manners, leadership skills and importantly enthusiasm for learning.

“We are ambitious for every child in our care and this means we strive for excellence in everything we do.   The Inspection validated our self- assessment and our plans for the future and therefore we shall continue in our relentless drive to improve expectations and standards of achievement for all our children.

“In line with the report, we shall continue to concentrate on making sure the quality of teaching is consistently good and challenging, that marking is precise and helpful and we shall make sure we communicate more regularly and effectively with parents.  We also welcome the support of parents and carers in making sure we hit the school target of 96% attendance and we are committed to helping parents continue their children’s learning at home and in the holidays.

“This is a really exciting time in the history of The Kingfisher School and the St Anne’s community with a positive Ofsted, the planned expansion of the school and a new building for September 2017.  We look forward to the whole community getting involved in working with us in shaping the future of the school – a school at the heart of its community.”