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Kingfisher School praised for Healthy food by Bristol Mayor

The BBC morning show filmed at the school on Monday 23rd March and the Bristol post also published an article on the achievements of the Trust school.

Tbreakfast 2he Kingfisher School in Lichfield Road, St Anne’s Park, has received the Mayor’s Award for  Excellence for its participation in the Healthy Schools initiative.

One of the main elements for the school receiving the award was its breakfast club, which is free every day for all children.

Children can chose from a bagel, fruit juice and cereal, and the club is very popular.  There is also a new school cook who provides healthy lunches.

Parents are also encouraged to pack their children healthy lunch boxes, fruit for a playtime snack, and to keep birthday treats at bay.

The primary’s healthy schools co-ordinator, Colleen Rae, said: “Food is very important to the children’s concentration and behaviour.

“We always start our school day with a healthy breakfast we provide for the children so any child in this school can come along and have a free breakfast which is full of free healthy food.”