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BRCA visit space with Explorer Dome

Year 5 and 6’s first day back after the Christmas break was graced with an exciting visit from the Explorer Dome, a mobile, inflatable planetarium dome with presenter – led, interactive, lively, hands-on science show.

Our brand new enquiry topic for the term is “How does the Earth move?”, so our learning in the Explora Dome focused on the origin and evolution of space and stars – cosmology, constellations and the possibility of life on other worlds.

1We learnt some exciting facts about all the planets in our solar system and our star, the sun. Did you know that planet Earth is in what is called the “Goldilocks Zone” where conditions for life are just right? Also, canyons on the surface of Mars indicate that water once existed on the planet, meaning life may have once been there. The rings of Saturn have ice in them, meaning life may exist in their rings!

The presenters were highly engaging and we all learnt a lot about space, with some of us spotting Venus, Polaris, Sirrius, Orion’s belt and the plough in the sky that evening. We were left excited for our enquiry topic ahead.