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BRCA – My Future:My Choice

3Last week, year 5/6 had an amazing opportunity to go on a boat building workshop.

We started off with a boat ride around Bristol Harbour, where we got to look at a range of different boats. After travelling to the end of the floating harbour, we explored the dry docks and the visitor centre to look at: how boats are built; how locks and hydraulics work; and how they clean the harbour. There were plenty of practical activities for us to try for ourselves.


4In the afternoon, we worked at the Engine Shed (next to Temple Meads). Some volunteers from within the boat building industry came to work with us.

We worked in teams to construct a boat that will be entered into the harbour festival races, in the summer.

Many skills were needed such as: listening, team work and perseverance. The boats have been brought back to school so that we can decorate the hulls and sails with our team names and future aspirations