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Bannerman Road visit Leigh Woods

leigh-woods-2Funding was secured for each class from BRCA to spend a day in Leigh woods.

In Year 5 & 6 the visit was used as part of their enquiry ‘How can we see around corners?’ Once at the site the classes marked the boundary, assessed the risks, built dens and played 40:40 using the periscopes they had made.

After lunch they climbed trees and practiced their balancing skills.

“As soon as I stepped off the coach, I knew this day was going to be amazing and lots of fun. It was beautiful and I learnt that my class were kind and helpful” – Samira Year 6

The children rarely have the opportunity to go to woodland it was a chance to put into practice many of the skills they have learnt in Forest Schools and develop more such as climbing, plant knowledge and respect for the environment.

“It was amazing to see the children in an outdoor learning environment where they were able to transfer their learning skills” – Miss C Tippet


leigh-woods-1The children used their journalistic skills to write the following newspaper reports

Children explore the woods

On Friday 4th November, Bannerman Road Community Academies Year fives and sixes has the opportunity to go to Leigh Woods. The reason why they went is because of their topic enquiry learning about seeing around corners.

During their trip to Leigh woods, they had a chance to use their Kelly Kettle to light a fire and roast marshmallows. They also went to another site to climb trees and saw beautiful sunlight shine through the leaves on the branches. Not to mention, their class got separated into two groups and they gathered up big logs and branches to build a den.

Precious from Bannerman Road said, “Leigh Woods is a great place to be. I especially liked seeing all the dogs and their owners. It’s great that it’s free to go in the woods.”

Reported by Precious


Leigh Wood Wonder

On Friday 4th November, Yew Tree Class went to Leigh Woods for their enquiry, ‘How can we see around corners?’ This was very hard because of the trees.

On the day, the children set off in groups to make boundaries for their base. When they finished, they started playing a game of 40-40 using the periscopes they has made. After all that, they went and had fun climbing trees and eating roasted marshmallows which were delicious. The children all wanted seconds!

A moment later, we spoke to one of the children and he said, “I think that this trip was the best trip I’ve even been on. “ After, we spoke to the teachers. They told us that, “It was great playing games with the children and seeing them apply the knowledge from their enquiry.”

All in all, the children had fun and it was a great experience for them all.

Reported by Mohamed

Woods and walking for BRCA


On Friday 4th November, Year 5 and 6 children from Bannerman Road Community Academy went to Leigh woods for their enquiry, ‘How can we see around corners?’

The Year 5/6 children played 40-40 with the periscopes that had made at school. This is a game where you have to avoid being seen and get to the base. After that, they made a fire and roasted marshmallows before building dens. Finally, they climbed trees and played some football.

A pupil from Bannerman Road said, “I enjoyed Leigh Woods a lot and recommend going there. My favourite part was roasting marshmallows and building dens.” The rest of Bannerman Road are hoping to go soon.

Another pupil reported that, “It was nice in the woods and there were lots of things to play with.”

Reported by Oliver